Fuel innovation for a sustainable future

In order to improve fuel economy, we need to examine the real problem. And that is fuel’s energy efficiency on al hydrocarbon fuels such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and even ethanol. At Oxytane we have devoted 25 years of intense research and development into finding the solution. 

Oxytane aims to go carbon neutral. Enabling others to be better planetary stewards has been core to our mission here at Oxytane. Our product has a powerful effect on the decisions businesses, governments, and investors make. Oxytane has a dramatic impact on fuel economy, emissions and engine performance.

  • Improves Engine Performance

  • Improves Fuel Economy

  • Reduces Engine Noise

  • Reduces Engine Vibration

  • Reduces CO2 Emissions

  • Benefits Engine Longevity

  • Reduces carbon deposition in the combustion chamber