Reduce consumption, emissions and improve performance

Reduce consumption, emissions and improve performance. Oxynox creates a denser, more energy-efficient fuel that permits more of the energy within the fuel to be available for use by the engine creating a more complete combustion.


    Oxynox is re-examining what roles our modern fuels play in the combustion cycle, and how we can liberate more energy from those fuels. Oxynox can be used on any hydrocarbon fuel such as petrol, diesel, bio‐fuel, and pre‐mix. It keeps the engine running longer and more efficiently while it reduces emissions. No hydrocarbon propelled engine is too small or too big for Oxynox.


    A focus on R&D and innovation, combined with the recognised high quality of our product, means that whatever your industry or application, Oxynox keeps your business moving forward. A responsible investor bases their investment decisions on information about environmental impacts, social responsibility and good governance, as well as their relation to return on investment.