Fantastic fuel optimizer

Reduce Consumption, Emissions and improve performance. Oxynox’s static charge reduction minimises the molecular interference within the fuel as it flows. The result is a denser, more energy-efficient fuel that permits more of the energie within the fuel to be available for use by the engine creating a more complete combustion.

Benefits & profits

At Oxynox we are re-examining what roles our modern fuels play in the combustion cycle, and how we can liberate more energie from those fuels. Oxynox drastically reduces consumption, emissions and improve performance. A focus on R&D and innovation, combined with the recognized high quality of our product, means that whatever your industry or application, Oxynox keeps your business moving forward.

Fuel innovation for a sustainable future

Reducing emissions up to 35% and more. Oxynox engineered electrolyte liquid. Oxytnox regards the concept of sustainability the cornerstone of its business processes, treating environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability as a whole.

Oxynox is fully certified

Oxynox is a unique one of a kind product, fully certified and a result of over 25 years of intense research and development. VOSA has performed a number of tests on various cars with Oxynox.